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We build AI-first startups. Join us, and let’s build a company around you.

Throughout each year, we invite world-class technical talent and successful entrepreneurs to join our incubator on a rolling basis. We help them come up with ideas, find co-founders, engage pilot customers, and raise millions of dollars.

Along the way, we make two investments: Right at the beginning, to give cofounders breathing room to find an idea and other cofounders that they love. And we invest again when a team is ready to start ramping their traction story.

The entire process takes 12-18 months—to go from ideas on a whiteboard to a multimillion dollar seed round. And as your co-founder, we are with you every step of the way.

  • $28Mfunding raised by our startups
  • $115.5Mcollective valuation of our startups
  • 100+employees now work for our startups

We help entrepreneurs and enterprises to commercialize AI and reach the next level.

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    We help entrepreneurs to find co-founders, come up with ideas, integrate AI into their products, develop business strategy, build traction, raise VC funding, and more.

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We provide our entrepreneurs with serious resources to find an idea, find co-founders, build a traction story, and raise venture funding.

up to $400,000initial cash investment (depends on need)+$100,000FREE Amazon AWS Credits+$100,000FREE Google GCP Credits and Google Suite+$50,000FREE office space, lunch (3x/week), and more+ up to $350,000additional cash investment (depends on signal) = up to $1,000,000early stage startup cash and support+Help you find other co-founders+Coaching on integrating AI into your product+Access to exclusive AI training and mentorship+Help with business and go-to-market strategy+Inclusion in community of fellow entrepreneurs+Help with fundraising strategy+Intro to investors in our network, as appropriate

Beyond AI2 funding, our entrepreneurs have raised tens of millions of dollars from the following venture capital funds

  • vc-partner-madrona
  • Voyager Capital
  • vc-partner-norwest
  • vc-partner-founders
  • vc-partner-vulcan
  • vc-partner-autotech
  • vc-partner-ngp
  • vc-partner-tsingyuan
  • vc-partner-alexa
  • vc-partner-fantail
  • vc-partner-catapult
  • vc-partner-ascend
  • vc-partner-plug
  • vc-partner-kernel

Our entrepreneurs build their startups inside of a leading AI research institute and get access to world-class technical experts.

  • icon-papers227+papers published by AI2 researchers
  • icon-brain-trust1,200+collective years of engineering and AI research experience
  • icon-phds25+PhDs on staff at our research institute
    image of sound wave analysis

    Speech & Acoustic Processing

    We train computers to artificially simulate human speech, to convert speech into text or text into speech, or to analyze an audio signal to extract insights and meaning.

    Key projects:

    • Blue Canoe Blue Canoe uses AI and speech recognition to increase business productivity by helping non-native English speaking employees communicate clearly with colleagues and customers.
    • WellSaid WellSaid creates life-like synthetic voice for next generation experiences, products, and content.

We surround our entrepreneurs with 150+ AI PhDs, researchers, engineers, and fellow founders—a support community like no other.

The proof is in the AI companies we help to build.


    "AI everywhere, on every device."

    XNOR bridges the growing divide between AI models dependent on the cloud and devices running at the edge, on devices as basic as a Raspberry Pi Zero. The company’s patented technology has upended traditional AI, resulting in billions of devices and products being AI-optimized—from battery operated cameras, to complex manufacturing machinery and cars.

    Ali Farhadi, PhD
    Mohammad Rastegari, PhD

    Raised $14.6M in funding



    “A voice for everyone.”

    WellSaid creates truly life-like synthetic voices for next generation voice experiences, products, and content. The company’s text-to-speech editor offers video producers an inexpensive, subscription-based alternative to costly voice actors, without the robotic-sounding voices of traditional software.

    Michael Petrochuk
    Matt Hocking

    Raised millions of dollars in funding

    Blue Canoe

    “It’s good business, spoken clearly.”

    Blue Canoe uses AI and speech recognition to increase business productivity by helping non-native English speaking employees communicate clearly with colleagues and customers. Productized into an engaging game experience, Blue Canoe teaches basic and specialized vocabulary and rewires the brain’s library of language sounds for better pronunciation and retention.

    Sarah Daniels
    Tony Andrews

    Raised millions of dollars in funding



    “Conversational understanding as a service.”

    KITT.AI makes technology to enable voice interaction with digital devices and services, including a platform that allows people to “wake up” devices with a defined word or phrase, and systems for natural language understanding and dialogue management.

    Xuchen Yao, PhD
    Guoguo Chen, PhD Kenji Sagae

    Acquired by Baidu in 2017

Behind every great effort is a great team, and the AI2 Incubator’s team is no exception.

  • Oren Etzioni Portrait

    Oren Etzioni

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jacob Colker Portrait

    Jacob Colker

    Managing Director
  • Vu Ha Portrait

    Vu Ha

    Technical Director
  • Bryan Hale Portrait

    Bryan Hale

    Managing Director
  • Jen Dumas Portrait

    Jen Dumas

    Senior Legal Counsel
  • James Allard Portrait

    James Allard

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Julia Dallas Portrait

    Julia Dallas

    Director of Human Resources
  • Tran Luu Portrait

    Tran Luu

    Director of Operations